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Level up with LEAD Plus: Giving APS schools an extra edge to provide the best education to their students

    September, 23 2021
    Level up with LEAD Plus: Giving APS schools an extra edge to provide the best education to their students

    Lakhs of students are benefitting from the LEAD experience at their school. Now, LEAD...

    September, 22 2021
    मुलांचे स्पोकन इंग्लिश सुधारण्यासाठीचे 3 सोपे उपाय

    आजच्या जागतिकीकृत जगात, इंग्रजी ही विविध गटातील संवाद साधण्याची प्रमुख भाषा झाली आहे....

    September, 21 2021
    Are you a busy parent? Here are 6 simple ways you can be involved in their learning and development

    “Am I spending enough time with my child?” “Am I doing everything to ensure her proper...

    September, 21 2021
    Democratising computational skills: how coding has been made accessible for students in Bharat

    Coding has become a buzzword even in classrooms, but it is important to examine the...

    September, 17 2021
    How integrated learning systems in schools promote new-age skills?

    One question that reverberates the education sector is, “Will the present education...

    September, 15 2021
    Wondering how to confidently reopen your school? Read this blog to know more

    As COVID cases recede in the country, schools in a few states have opened their doors....

    September, 15 2021
    बच्चों को भिन्न अंक सिखाने के 3 आसान तरीके

    अधिकांश अभिभावक इस बात से सहमत होंगे कि बच्चों को गणित के भिन्न अंकों (fractions) को...

    September, 14 2021
    3 reasons why every child should learn to code

    If you want to prepare your child for a bright career, you should consider taking them...

    September, 14 2021
    3 reasons why creativity is an essential part of a child’s development

    The Cambridge English Dictionary defines creativity as the ability to produce or use...

    September, 14 2021
    मुलांना नवीन भाषा शिकवण्यासाठीचे 5 सोपे उपाय

    भारतासारख्या बहुभाषिक देशात व्दिभाषिक असणे स्वाभाविक आहे. पाश्चात्य देशांच्या...

    September, 13 2021
    How can teachers simplify yet another year of online schooling?

    The transition from in-class teaching to online learning has led to substantial losses...