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Teacher Led Assessments, a smart feature of smart schools

November, 30 2020
Teacher Led Assessments, a smart feature of smart schools

How do you know your students are learning what you are trying to teach them? Exams,...

November, 30 2020
How hybrid learning facilitates change in the digital world

The world is at WAR with the virus. Donald Trump branded himself as a “wartime...

November, 27 2020
Why LMS platform is all that your school needs

Traditional teaching methods got a setback with the extension of school shutdowns....

November, 26 2020
Schools after lockdown. How ready are they?

Students have started returning to schools after almost 8 months. They are excited,...

November, 26 2020
Future of virtual education in India. Key observations.

A few years ago, if someone would have mentioned that the school module will shift...

November, 23 2020
School ERP Systems simplify administrative tasks. Find out how.

There was a time when schools used to be entities where multiple processes were taken...

November, 20 2020
How online schooling improves student performance and teaching quality

For decades, online schooling has been envisaged as an added marketing tool to attract...

November, 19 2020
Importance of Hindi language in Schools. Key findings.

India is a land of 22 languages. Despite what British rule did to our country, we...

November, 18 2020
Why does the education space need to revolutionise?

Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.

November, 12 2020
How are school championships an integral part of learning?

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