Addressing parents’ qualms as schools reopen

Posted by Sai Krishna on Oct 27, 2021 3:26:07 PM
Sai Krishna

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To limit transmission of COVID-19, governments of every country did their best to mitigate the impact of the learning loss. Children's learning losses from not being in school may never be recouped; however, schools in many states have started opening their doors to prevent this situation from worsening. From learning loss to reduced development of social skills, the consequences of the pandemic will be felt across children’s academics and societal engagement. Hence, school reopening cannot wait. However, a few aspects keep worrying parents regarding sending their kids to school, and till a school ensures them all, a parent will stay reluctant. Some of those critical aspects are:

  • Uninterrupted learning

Given that the COVID-19 cases will keep reemerging, schools will go under lockdown time and again, which may cause a severe learning gap in a child’s academic life. Parents will rely on a smart school that helps their child with no learning loss, which an integrated learning system can ensure.

  • Safety and security

Since COVID-19 infection spreads with touch, keeping the premises clean is a school’s prime role in the post-lockdown world. A school that takes its hygiene seriously gets sanitised every day and follow all the mandatory protocol will automatically become parents' choice.

  • High-quality learning

In between the constant switching of online and offline modes of education, schools cannot keep up with quality learning. Smart schools that offer a hybrid model ensures uninterrupted quality learning at all times. Schools can easily switch between various modes ensuring students learn well and face no loss. ‘

How does LEAD enables schools to reopen safely one?

integrated learning system

LEAD-powered schools follow all the safety protocols to ensure students remain safe within the premises. For example:

  • LEAD school staff and teachers are vaccinated

At LEAD-powered schools, staff and students are vaccinated to avoid transmission of the virus, making school a safe place to learn.

  • LEAD campuses get sanitised every day

At LEAD, all classrooms, staff rooms, school buses and common areas are cleaned regularly with disinfectants.

  • Daily check of the temperature of LEAD staff and students

Symptom screening at schools helps identify sick children or staff members quickly, keeping everyone else safe. At LEAD-powered schools, a daily temperature check ensures a safe and worry-free atmosphere.

  • Students will wear masks at all times and maintain social distance

At LEAD-powered schools, students and staff wear masks at all times and maintain proper social distancing even in the class. Students are advised to avoid shaking hands, hugging, and touching each other.

  • LEAD classrooms are well-ventilated

Ventilation is crucial for good indoor air quality, and when students are masked, all the time is needed more than ever. At LEAD, all classrooms have proper windows and adequate ventilation for students to feel comfortable.

It’s time for parents to look beyond the traditional schooling that LEAD ensures.

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