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Transforming Indian schools with world-class education

    October, 5 2021
    5 ways to support your child’s mental health

    Good mental health is an important part of a child’s development. It helps children...

    October, 1 2021
    Save time and keep an error-free record with attendance management for schools

    What’s the one thing that became chaotic post-school closures besides the noticeable...

    September, 30 2021
    How online teaching apps changed the sector for good?

    The global populace did not know any other way to school except brick and mortar....

    September, 29 2021
    How school management system succeeded in busting myths around online learning?

    “New Normal” is a word that’s buzzing across the world; however, the meaning varies...

    September, 15 2021
    बच्चों को भिन्न अंक सिखाने के 3 आसान तरीके

    अधिकांश अभिभावक इस बात से सहमत होंगे कि बच्चों को गणित के भिन्न अंकों (fractions) को...