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Tips to help grade 10 students prepare for exams effectively

    April, 7 2021
    Tips to help grade 10 students prepare for exams effectively

    All your lives you have heard people say, “10th standard is crucial for students. It...

    April, 5 2021
    How ELGA provides children living in small towns a leg-up?

    LEAD School’s English Language and General Awareness programme has been specifically...

    April, 1 2021
    Bridging The Learning Gap: Getting students ready for 10th Grade

    One of the most challenging academic years is nearly coming to an end. It has been...

    March, 31 2021
    How school ERP Module enables seamless school management

    According to Relocate Global's Guide to APAC Education & Schools 2017, India holds one...

    March, 25 2021
    How smart boards in classrooms enhance learning experience

    Technology is taking the Indian education sector by storm. A ‘lesser-heard word has...

    March, 24 2021
    Teacher training in India. Tracking the evolution

    The coronavirus outbreak in 2020 brought schooling into our homes. Parents are now a...

    March, 22 2021
    How best school management software makes a school complete?

    Not very long ago, schools used to operate manually where parents had to stand in long...

    March, 18 2021
    How can grade 9 students prepare for final exams in 2021?

    Ninth Grade has been carefully designed to help students smoothly transition, both...

    March, 15 2021
    How parents can help students prepare better for exams

    “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same amount of hours per...

    March, 12 2021
    How integrated learning approach trains students for life?

    A concerted outreach effort by schools to let parents know about the need for holistic...

    March, 9 2021
    How to make the most challenging subjects enjoyable?

    Children have subjects that are their favourite, and then there are a few they...

    February, 22 2021
    स्कूल चैंपियनशिप्स किस तरह से शिक्षा का महत्वपूर्ण हिस्सा बनती हैं?

    पढ़ाई ऐसी जो काम की हो! बारीकियों की समझ के लिए व्यवहारिक शिक्षा