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    April, 29 2021
    How technology integration in schools ensure great results?

    Learning can be frustrating and complicated for your kid with old school techniques....

    April, 28 2021
    Role of a teacher in classroom is evolving. Key findings.

    The information age is one of the various developments that has radically changed...

    April, 27 2021
    The use of smart classrooms extends beyond 4 walls. Here’s how.

    Education has always been a significant foundational aspect of any society. With the...

    April, 27 2021
    Attendance Monitoring Systems for classroom. The need.

    The kind of wave technology is making in the education sector remains immeasurable,...

    April, 27 2021
    2021: Let your child get best education for the fees paid

    Parents worldwide are not always satisfied with the money they spend and the kind of...

    April, 27 2021
    2021, the year of hybrid learning. Is your school ready?

    2020 was the year of uncertainty. What will 2021 be? If you are a school owner and...

    April, 23 2021
    Why do Indian schools need LEAD’s Sampoorna Hindi Program?

    Hindi has been taught as an exam-focused subject for many years now across Indian...

    April, 23 2021
    यह समझें कि युवा दिमाग के लिए कोडिंग क्यों महत्वपूर्ण है

    प्रारम्भिक स्तर से ही कोडिंग का ज्ञान कैसे किसी बच्चे के विकास में तेजी लाता है?दुनिया...

    April, 20 2021
    Is Hindi being taught the right way in Indian Schools?

    In every English medium school, most students learning Hindi as a second or third...

    April, 16 2021
    How can Indian schools deploy the best study techniques?

    Advancement in technology has propelled the quality of education in the last few...

    April, 15 2021
    The role of teachers is ever-evolving. How can they upskill?

    Having a degree and a few years of experience was more than enough a few years ago to...

    April, 15 2021
    Smart class teaching is apt for new-age students. How?

    “Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of...