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    July, 15 2021
    10 ways parents can improve their child’s mental health during lockdown

    The feeling of nostalgia has probably amplified after being in a lockdown for over a...

    July, 13 2021
    How to nurture creativity in a child during the lockdown?

    In this lockdown, with a lack of places to escape, monotony has become our constant...

    July, 13 2021
    How is technology enabling parents to play a bigger role in their child's education?

    There was nothing wrong with traditional schooling. Till 2020, children had a routine,...

    July, 9 2021
    Smart class online- an expansive world of effective learning during school closures

    More than 168 million school children globally missed out on learning in class, as...

    June, 30 2021
    Use of smart classroom brings quality learning amidst school closures

    Education has always been considered a low experiment sector. That is why when the...

    June, 24 2021
    How smart learning classes help students learn social and emotional skills?

    Over the past several years, ‘experimentation’ in the education sector is not commonly...

    June, 21 2021
    How to use upcoming summer vacations to mitigate learning loss?

    The education industry has been devastated because of the impact of COVID-19. The...

    June, 16 2021
    “Write to express, not to impress”, says celebrity author Chetan Bhagat in the first-ever LEAD MasterClass

    As humans, we crave a hero to admire, to revere. If not in real life, we, most often,...

    June, 14 2021
    How are schools using online learning management systems for students to learn & collaborate better?

    When collaborative learning got interrupted  It is not uncommon to see students...

    June, 12 2021
    Smart class school helps in better admission rates even during the lockdown. How?

    “Education alone cannot hope to solve all development challenges, but a humanistic and...

    June, 7 2021
    Bid adieu to boredom with 5 classroom management techniques

    Managing a class has always been a tedious task for teachers. Conducting a class where...

    June, 7 2021
    LEAD in the world's top EdTech firms, GSV EdTech 150

    When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that's when passion is born.