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Level up with LEAD Plus: Giving APS schools an extra edge to provide the best education to their students

    June, 3 2021
    Let's learn from experts with LEAD MasterClass

    At the beginning of last year's lockdown, netizens immersed themselves in unique...

    May, 28 2021
    बच्चों और उनके माता-पिता द्वारा LEAD Student & Parent App को पसंद करने के 6 कारण

    आपके बच्चे की बिना मास्क के स्कूल जाने की पिछली यादें अब धुंधली हो चुकी होंगी, लेकिन...

    May, 24 2021
    Best ERP for schools assures guaranteed learning outcome

    Smooth delivery of knowledge is considered to be the most vital function of a school....

    May, 19 2021
    There’s always room for more with smart classroom

    A space that includes a writing board, a teacher’s desk, student desks and some...

    May, 19 2021
    6 reasons why children & their parents love LEAD Student & Parent App

    The last memory of your child stepping into their school unmasked must be hazy, but...

    May, 12 2021
    Parent teacher conference amidst school closures? It’s possible

    Now that the schools are shut, parents wonder if interaction with teachers can...

    May, 12 2021
    Lo and behold, LEAD Premier League 2021 is here!

    "Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures."

    May, 11 2021
    Making school complete with online school admission system

    The increasing number of students seeking admission in schools brings tremendous...

    May, 10 2021
    How digital smart class warrants uninterrupted learning?

    “Could technology be a spark igniting students’ passion to learn? Innovations in...

    May, 6 2021
    How education ERP helps prevent students’ learning loss?

    Education is an intrinsic part of building a productive and well-functioning society...

    April, 30 2021
    School attendance management system a requisite or a luxury?

    School attendance management system is a dream come true for many academic institutes....

    April, 30 2021
    School LMS Platform, where technology meets efficiency

    The inclusion of technology in the education sector provides a smarter way of giving...