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Transforming Indian schools with world-class education

Level up with LEAD Plus: Giving APS schools an extra edge to provide the best education to their students

    August, 11 2021
    From a school in rural Gujarat to the fastest growing EdTech company in India: the LEAD journey

    In becoming a leading EdTech player working with 2,000+ partner schools, LEAD has seen...

    May, 27 2021
    Innovation begins at home: How LEAD School’s Own Institutions have fuelled a re-thinking in education

    The experiences and experiments at LEAD School’s own educational institutions have...

    February, 22 2021
    'ओरिएंटेशन सेशन्स से अभिभावकों को ऑनलाइन क्लासेस समझने में मदद मिली'

    अगर कहा जाए कि साल 2020 में जो कुछ भी हुआ उसका किसी को अंदाज़ा नहीं था, तो यह...