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Transforming Indian schools with world-class education

    October, 4 2021
    Virtual classrooms to the rescue as children’s grades plummet during online learning

    Children’s excellent performance has always been parents’ top agenda, especially...

    October, 1 2021
    Smart classrooms to the rescue as parents brace for another tumultuous year

    The unprecedented challenge in the wake of indefinite school closures moved in-class...

    October, 1 2021
    School parent app. A second chance to enhance connection with your child?

    Technology has taken a new turn post the pandemic shook the world, altering business...

    September, 30 2021
    ERP software for schools. Tracking the success journey

    The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed shortcomings that exist in educational institutions...

    September, 30 2021
    Building a culture of respect and harmony during school online classes

    School online classes were implemented around the world to keep the education sector...

    September, 29 2021
    Online learning apps kept schools going as COVID raged. Key observations

    Advancements in technology have not been able to clear the misperceptions that revolve...