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Transforming Indian schools with world-class education

    March, 17 2021
    Why do some schools fail to meet the needs of their students?

    There is comfort in the status quo. The comfort of familiarity and the ease of habit -...

    March, 9 2021
    Creating a level-playing field for students in small-town

    Entrepreneurship is often about obsessing over a problem, imagining a world with the...

    January, 2 2021
    What would our students say in 2030 about their schooling?

    Ritika Chopra, in a brilliant piece in Indian Express, tracked India's toppers 20...

    December, 30 2020
    New Year Message for our school owners

    Dear School Owners and Correspondents, 2020 was a year that tested our resolve and...

    December, 30 2020
    New Year Message for our teachers

    Dear Teachers,

    October, 12 2020
    Transforming education in India, one school at a time

    According to current numbers, 260 million students go to 1.5 million schools in India....