How do smart schools help achieve holistic learning?

Posted by Nitin Virmani on Aug 28, 2021 11:43:24 AM
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Technology in the health sector has leapt where saving lives, diagnosing diseases, and extending life expectancy has become easier than before. Similarly, technology in education has opened up avenues for students that otherwise remain excluded. History says technological revolutions have changed business patterns, leading to broader societal changes and economic development. As a result, the medium with which students learn or have learned these years is witnessing a massive evolution. The burden of preparing the current generation for a future that doesn’t exist yet lies with the school fraternity.

In 2017, the McKinsey Global Institute estimated that “60 per cent of occupations had at least 30 per cent of constituent work activities that could be automated by 2030—meaning that as many as 375 million workers globally would have to switch occupations or acquire new skills by 2030.”

Holistic learning to cater to the future 

Schools need to evolve and rise above the primary function of imparting knowledge for the simple reason that it’s not enough to cater to the future that’s on the anvil. Cramming what’s in the curriculum, getting done with it is not all needed to excel in the future. However, schools that help new-age children with holistic learning will thrive in comparison to traditional schools.

Smart schools have surfaced globally to take care of the most ignored aspect of schooling—holistic learning. Besides disseminating knowledge when the sector is disrupted, smart schools also ensure that students develop skills to prosper in the future, such as -creative and critical thinking skills, personal skills, social skills, scientific skills, information technology skills, etc. Being a low experiment sector for decades, online learning was considered a stigma. Fortunately, the pandemic has made the sector realise that the redundancies buried deep down in the industry will lead to its doom, and the proper steps taken at the right time can lead to its success. 

Smart School ERP has revolutionised the sector in unimaginable ways. 

How is LEAD ensuring holistic development across its schools? 

LEAD understands how important it is to learn beyond textbooks and how wholesome development can positively change students' learning curves. Keeping this in mind,  LEAD brings ‘MasterClass’, an initiative to expedite learning for its students where students learn straight from leading domain experts, subject matter experts, educationists and celebrities who have left a mark with their exemplary work in this world

smart school erp

The MasterClass will have India's renowned personalities and even successful celebrities sharing their journey via the LEAD Student App with students from all LEAD Powered Schools.
These sessions will have renowned experts and celebrities from various walks of life discuss their journey and share their success mantra. Then, taking a break from the monotony of textbooks, children will learn via new-age methods.

  • They will derive inspiration from their idol. It will encourage them to do better right from an early age. 
  • The MasterClasses will help your child understand the industry experts' journeys and help them imbibe their qualities.
  • Nothing can top the practical knowledge and emotional intelligence of a genius who knows from experience. MasterClass will help students understand the first-hand experiences and life journeys of the experts. 
  • Along with their regular academic lessons, children will assimilate vital information from our country's geniuses.
  • Harnessing interests from a young age is crucial. MasterClasses will encourage them to shape their ability by understanding reality.


LEAD MasterClass instils skills in your child required to excel in life. These exclusive sessions are designed for your children to dream not only big but also be ready to grasp various opportunities in this hyper-competitive day and age.

These features reside at the heart of smart school ERP and help modernise learning experiences for children readying them for a fiercely competitive future.

LEAD is transforming schools by making children future-ready. To make yours a LEAD Powered School: Partner with us today

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