How online teaching apps changed the sector for good?

Posted by Akhilash Kumar on Sep 30, 2021 11:12:01 AM
Akhilash Kumar

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The global populace did not know any other way to school except brick and mortar. Teachers were hired based on their degrees, and children’s education has always been a parents’ responsibility. But with the crack of dawn on March 11, when the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, every aspect of the education system was challenged. In addition, the poor integration of technology led to massive learning losses worldwide.  

World Bank reports, “Introducing technology to teachers tends to be the first and “easiest” step. However, when new technology is provided, and teachers do not understand how to use it effectively, they are bound to be sceptical of its potential to improve their instruction.”

To combat the confusing technology, various innovations in teaching came to the fore. Teaching no more was restricted to in-class but became a larger concept where learning continued through various mediums. Teachers used online teaching apps to manage various tasks and, at the same time, look after their administrative roles. Though there is no dearth of online teaching apps in the market, the best teacher app is the one that allows teachers to use a world-class curriculum to make an impact on students’ learning curves. Such online teaching apps come installed with a streamlined course, various tools, resources and engaging tactics to teach students with.

The World Bank further explains, ”The pandemic has altered how teachers instruct and how they connect with their students. We have a unique opportunity to rethink the role of teachers -- not just what technology can do for teachers or their current skillset, but how the experience of interacting with the technology motivates them and their students. Technology is simply a tool, but without appropriate integration, it will not result in effective learning.”

While deploying technology is half the battle won, the complete one gets ensured when the right technology is installed. 

How is LEAD helping teachers realise their best potential with LEAD?

Online teaching has revolutionised learning. Things that were experimented with in the past became a norm with the advent of online learning. LEAD-powered schools get international standard education and quality teaching with 100% trained & certified teachers, digital lesson plans & digital classrooms. LEAD offers a well-researched curriculum for all subjects to its partner schools. With LEAD, a teacher becomes a “Super Teacher” with ready-made teaching tools and helpful resources. LEAD teachers also get continuous training, observation, feedback, tips, and tools to help improve their teaching. With LEAD’s largest network of 20,000+ teachers and expert faculty, educators get a chance to connect, learn & share best practices. 

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Continuous training, observation, feedback, tips, and tools to help improve teaching. LEAD Academy and Certification Program, Teacher Development Workshops, Live Webinars and learning from other teachers, Subject-based Teaching Tips and Methodologies are other benefits that a LEAD teacher enjoys. LEAD also enables its teachers with the best teacher app that empowers teachers with an excellence kit that contain high-quality and well-researched lesson plans. It is the main anchor for teaching. Simultaneously, through the app, each teacher also manages and tracks timetables, performance, and attendance.

With LEAD, every teacher can make a difference.

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