How smart boards in classrooms enhance learning experience

Posted by Manasa Ramakrishnan on Mar 25, 2021 2:41:53 PM
Manasa Ramakrishnan

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Smart boards in classrooms

Technology is taking the Indian education sector by storm. A ‘lesser-heard word has now become an essential aspect in schools around the world.

The need for technology was never this vivid in schools and other educational institutions as it is today. The uncertain times that we all live in has forced businesses to think out-of-the-box and deploy strategies that are “unconventional”.

The advent of smart boards in classrooms has revolutionised learning in schools. Schools these days are replacing the overhead projector and using smartboard technology to make the class fun and more interactive.

Here are a few of the incredible benefits of having a smart board in the classrooms.

Smart boards…

  • Enhance Students' Learning Experience:

Smart boards not only improve the way teachers teach but also enhance the way students learn. It provides an enriched learning experience for students by projecting visual elements.

Learning with smart boards’ help is much more straightforward because teachers can accommodate different learning styles. The touch screen option allows teachers and students to run programmes with the tap of their finger.

Technology improves the learning environment because of students’ potential to view graphs, maps, images, and more right in front of them on a large screen. Their learning comes to life, and it is more enjoyable to study than ever before.

  • Are Low Maintenance:

It is effortless to use smart boards, and it needs very little maintenance. No chalk or paints get used on the boards (which can be messy); either the finger or a special pen is used, which is also hassle-free.

  • Have Access to Online Resources:

Smart technology provides convenient access to online services for learners. Teachers have access to several knowledgeable databases that will support them in improving their classes. To help them finish a project or perform analysis, students can conveniently access a wide variety of tools.

  • Are Interactive:

Perhaps one of the smart boards' biggest strengths is their potential to be social. Students learn better while actively involved, and one of the best ways to do so is a hands-on experience.

A smart board allows a student to use a tablet to compose, sketch, or take notes.

  • Are Environmental Friendly:

Here is your chance if you are trying to "go green." Smart boards remove the need for paper and are environmentally sustainable. There will be no need for a class collection of papers to be photocopied and printed·  

  • Allow Technology Integration:

The potential for technological convergence is one of the many advantages of smart boards. Teachers can connect their monitors, video cameras, digital cameras, microscopes, and almost everything else you can think of to assist with teaching assistance.

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How LEAD is making classes engaging and effective with smart boards

Using smart technology in the classroom will help boost test scores, enhance student performance, improve reading, increase attentiveness, and enhance awareness.

Teachers say that improving student participation is the number one benefit they see in their classes using smart boards. These collaborative boards provide teachers with an extraordinary opportunity to build a classroom atmosphere where students with varying learning types can learn. This easy-to-learn technology means that all teachers and their students gain the talents they need in the 21st century to excel.

LEAD assures that children not get influenced by the transition that has taken place in their lives to make the online move smoother for students. LEAD strengthened the transformation; students can learn more than before, they can coordinate their timetable, quickly access learning content, and with a click of a button, they can pay school fees. The visible growth in learning is what LEAD ensures. 

LEAD also empowers teachers, principals, school owners, and parents to unlock every child's latent potential. The smartboard at LEAD features:

Smart boards in classrooms

  •       Digital learning content
  •       Physical Reader & Workbooks
  •       Learning activities
  •       E-books
  •       Regular assessments & Practices quizzes
  •       Personalised revisions
  •       Home practice
  •       Live classes from a LEAD expert teacher
  •       Doubt clarification
  •       National competition 

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