Integrated education allows students to learn at their own pace

Posted by Prajakta Sakpal on Nov 22, 2021 5:12:14 PM
Prajakta Sakpal

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Integrated education allows students to learn at their own pace
Not all students learn and remember information in the same way or at the same speed. Conventional schooling doesn’t take into account this variability. These schools have limited capability to accommodate every student’s needs, therefore students have to adjust to the pace of the entire class which leads to:
  • Piling up of queries in the minds of students
  • Students feeling bored in the classroom
  • Disparity in learning outcomes

Integrated education helps solve these challenges in the following ways:

1. Learning extends beyond the classroom

Through features such as ‘Ask Doubts’ students don’t need to wait till the next class or wait for the next interaction with the teacher to ask their doubts. For example, while doing their self-study if a student is unable to recall a particular concept, they can quickly send a message to their teacher to ask doubts. Once resolved, they can move on to the next concept easily, without having to wait for the next class. Also, most students fear asking doubts in class due to fear of being judged by their peers or even teachers at times. Online tools help overcome this hesitation in a student's mind.

Features like the provision to watch recorded lectures, ensure that even if the students don’t understand everything in the class, they can go back home and watch recorded sessions again. This allows students to go through the same concept again to get better clarity. In traditional classrooms, it is rare for students to ask teachers to repeat the same concept over and over again.

LEAD’s integrated learning advances student education through the following Student App features:

  • Live and recorded classes
  • Quizzes
  • Online assignments
  • Ask doubts
  • Practice with Friends
  • Attendance and progress reports

2. Engaging elements make learning fun and easy for the students

In traditional classrooms, textbooks are the primary source of reference for students and teachers. In technology integrated education, teachers can use ready-made elements such as audio-visual elements as well as various events held by smart school providers, to make learning fun and interactive for students. This way students will no longer be bored while attending classes. When students are able to enjoy learning they will no longer have to fear any subject.

At LEAD, we have distinct ways to impart lessons to students. Instead of making the subjects boring, LEAD uses methods like CPA (Concrete Pictorial Abstract) and ELGA (English Language and General Awareness) to ensure that each student loves Mathematics and English.

3. Teachers can track the learning progress of each student

In traditional classrooms, it is very difficult for teachers to know the learning progress of their students. Apart from the test scores and active participation of some students, there is hardly any way a teacher can know which student is lagging behind in which area. Due to integrated analytics and progress tracking in online learning apps, teachers can easily know where a particular student is doing good and where exactly they are lagging behind. Accordingly, they can provide the required remediation, to ensure each student is progressing.

Due to LEAD’s integrated education system, a teacher can check student reports by filtering according to class and subject. Based on the attendance records, they have the ability to get in touch with parents. The 'Online class completion' option shows the percentage of students who have completed their classes on that particular day. The 'School Attendance' feature displays the overall children present on the same day.

Technology integrated education allows students to enjoy learning and ensures that they fully grasp a concept before moving on to the next concept. When students have an in-depth understanding of topics, they naturally have a better chance to succeed in whatever career they choose for themselves.


LEAD has been a pioneer in transforming the lives of millions of children in India by taking technology-driven innovation to the root of the educational ecosystem: the schools. Do you want to know how LEAD’s integrated education system can help you transform your school? Enquire Now

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