Interactive boards for classrooms boost effective learning

Posted by Manjiri Shete on Jul 26, 2021 1:19:59 PM
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Interactive boards for the classroom

Growing evidence in recent years has led to an agreement on the importance and benefits of interactive learning. Interactive learning prepares students for the world and instils self-awareness, responsible decision-making, emotion management, and healthy relationships.

One of the essential aspects that facilitates interactive learning is interactive boards for the classroom. It helps students learn in collaboration, where besides learning from the teacher, they learn from each other. In addition, this kind of learning encourages creating a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom instead of a classroom with a traditional blackboard.  The advent of smart learning is relatively new to the country. However, its need saw a hike post the infinite school closures. The pandemic impacted the educational industry negatively and left parents and other stakeholders in a frenzy in its wake. Moreover, some of the loopholes of the “redundant” educational practices got exposed post the lockdown—for example, stand-and-teach teaching methods, teaching from the textbooks, etc.

The sector undoubtedly needed an overhaul. Schools globally are still heavily reliant on passive forms of learning that promote direct instruction and memorisation. Interactive methods that encourage futuristic skills such as critical and individual thinking are still amiss from the fraternity’s agenda. Schools that can quickly generate and adopt new ideas, mediums and can evolve according to the pace of the world will have a competitive advantage. 

Let’s look at some of the advantages of interactive boards that are helping to bring about a change needed in the sector:

  • Enhanced learning experience

Interactive boards for the classroom help integrate various learning styles into children’s curriculum to learn by seeing, hearing and interacting. For example, teachers conduct lectures with the help of photos, graphs, maps, illustrations, or videos instead of just plain textbooks. As a result, the students have an engaging experience, but it also gives teachers innovative teaching styles, leading to better results.

  • Increased interactiveness

Unlike traditional black and whiteboards, interactive boards for the classroom allow children to team up and learn via collaboration. Collaborative learning is crucial for developing social and emotional skills, which further develops traits like empathy, cooperation etc.

  • Easy to use

Interactive boards are low-maintenance. Schools can also bring down the cost of stationery since everything can be done with a specialised pen that comes with the board and is used for highlighting, drawing, and writing.

  • More effective

Smart learning that gets enabled by interactive boards increases students’ attentiveness. As a result, they learn better and remember it for a longer duration. In addition, the curriculum gets enabled with interactive resources, which heightens student engagement, leading to effective learning.

World Economic Forum comments, “New schools and new views on teaching are springing up around the world to help prepare the next generation for a rapidly changing employment landscape. This overhaul of teaching and education methods is much needed – and not only because of the breathtaking pace of change being ushered in by digital technologies, AI and data. It’s also necessary because current models of teaching and education are still firmly rooted in practices that have been around for 200 years or more.”

How is LEAD enabling smart learning across schools in India?

All classrooms get converted into smart classrooms through a smart tv and a Teacher Excellence Kit when the school partners with LEAD. LEAD also empowers teachers with a teacher’s excellence kit with a teacher app and is the main anchor for teaching. A teacher can make class interactive with high-quality lesson plans supported by videos, slides, images and digital copies of books and workbooks. This enables excellent teaching instead of using a printed teacher manual and then mapping your audio-visual content with it.

Smart learning

In addition to the Teacher’s App, a teacher also gets a school excellence kit with all the physical and digital teaching-learning material needed to teach as per the lesson plan in the app. LEAD guarantees learning outcomes by transforming the traditional Teach=>Test=>Report learning process into:

  • Multimodal teaching
  • Teacher Upskilling
  • Periodic testing
  • Pre-assessment
  • Remediation

LEAD is transforming schools by making children future-ready. To make yours a LEAD Powered School: Partner with us today

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