How the LEAD Teacher Network helps educators from small-town schools gain exposure?

Posted by Shalini Nair on Aug 25, 2021 5:26:38 PM
Shalini Nair

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Teacher teaching in a classroom

Teachers play a major role in imparting knowledge to students. They are the ones who transform mere words in a textbook to information that makes sense to students. Even if schools manage to find the best curriculum and resources, none of it can be put to good use without good teachers. 

Schools in India's rural regions don’t have a teacher network and struggle with finding the right exposure for themselves, their teachers, and their students. Just like any other industry, the way education is imparted too must constantly evolve. However, due to a lack of exposure and the right support, teachers are often outdated and out of touch with current trends and teaching methodologies.

The importance of a teacher network

What schools need is a way to connect their teachers with their peers who can help improve their skills, learn best practices, and work on their craft. In short, build a community and work together instead of in silos. This is where the LEAD’s Teacher Network can make a difference. All the teachers in a LEAD Powered School gain proper visibility and no longer work in their own corners. The teacher network gives schools and teachers in the remotest parts of the country the opportunity to learn from their peers. The resulting shared knowledge can revolutionise the way a school teaches its students. 

LEAD's Teacher Network: connecting the dots 

The LEAD Teacher Network is made up of over 2,000 schools spread across 400 cities in India. The vision is to create a better and bolder school education system in India. Being a partner in this vast teacher network doesn't just put the partner school on the map of leading schools nationwide but, more crucially, offers teachers the chance to thrive at their jobs. This, in turn, leads to students getting a better education and holistic growth.

Thus, by gleaning insights from other LEAD teachers in schools across the country, teachers not only hone their skills but also enable the partner school to become a LEAD-powered super school. 

Why teachers should join the LEAD Teacher Network 

Here are some reasons why schools must take advantage of the LEAD Teacher Network:

  • Teacher growth facilitation 

By connecting to the LEAD Teacher Network, teachers get an opportunity to interact with, learn from, and share valuable knowledge and insights with other expert educators across the nation. As a result, a better school can be built with a stronger infrastructure, a robust education system, and better-informed teachers. 

  • Educator enhancement webinars

Fostering continuous learning not just for students but for educators must be a school’s top priority. This is why LEAD has created instruction modules, networking opportunities, and events. The teacher networking programme includes educator enhancement webinars, where valuable knowledge pertaining to education is shared with LEAD teachers. 

  • LEAD teacher network system 

Networking goes beyond just connecting with other schools. Teachers can gain insights into the world of education and take their learning and training further by utilising technology to make lessons interactive and fun. 

When a school signs up with LEAD, our Academic Excellence teams train teachers on best practices. However, when teachers are connected to other teachers nationwide, their abilities are compounded! With the LEAD Teacher Network, teachers can present to, and learn from, experts and other excellent teachers in the field. 

In conclusion, the LEAD Teacher Network helps schools stay connected and assures teachers that they are not alone. From events to webinars, LEAD teachers gain visibility and learn from their peers at every step of the way. 

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Shalini Nair

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