New Year Message for our school owners

Posted by Sumeet Mehta on Dec 30, 2020 1:00:04 PM
Sumeet Mehta

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New Year Message for our teachers

Dear School Owners and Correspondents,

2020 was a year that tested our resolve and pushed us to the limits. In the face of all the challenges, you were India's under-appreciated heroes! Providing uninterrupted learning to our students when almost no one was focusing on them, is nothing less than heroic! Congratulations, I salute your indomitable spirit!

As 2021 dawns, we have to make a big leap, not a small step. It will be very important to think big, not merely survive. It will be critical to aim for excellence & innovation because that'll help us turn this tragedy into an opportunity for growth.

Here are 3 steps that we should all take to make the big leap as schools re-open in 2021:

Show leadership and drive certainty: Be proactive. Clearly declare when our academic year will begin. Amidst all the confusion from Govt and cross talk among parents, let us drive confidence and certainty around how our schools will run.

Show, not tell: Show pictures of how our classrooms are going to be arranged. Show graphics of how hybrid learning will happen. Share time tables, schedules, safety arrangements. The more parents see how well prepared we are, the more they'll be eager to pay fees and send their children to school.

Fortify for future disruptions: There might be a second wave. There might be a mutation. There might be another lockdown or more disruptions. We must implement integrated systems and train our staff appropriately, to ensure our schools run uninterrupted.

With LEAD, you are plugged into a 1400+ school ecosystem. We will continue to bring innovation, insight and expertise to our partners. Together, let us make 2021, a year to remember!

Warm regards and a Happy New Year!
Sumeet Yashpal Mehta
Co-founder and CEO

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Sumeet Mehta
Sumeet Mehta

Sumeet Mehta is the Co-founder and CEO of LEAD School. He is committed to making excellent education, accessible and affordable to every child. He loves teaching students math and science while building solutions that create an impact on a large scale.

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