New Year Message for our teachers

Posted by Sumeet Mehta on Dec 30, 2020 11:00:02 AM
Sumeet Mehta

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New Year Message for our teachers

Dear Teachers,

As 2020 comes to an end, and we step into 2021 with high hopes, I want to acknowledge your efforts in providing uninterrupted online learning to your students. You are the true heroes of the pandemic! I know that it wasn't easy. You balanced household needs and school requirements, taught your students while learning new skills yourselves and maintained a positive presence throughout! Kudos! 

As schools reopen in 2021, I urge you to embrace change by building 3 capabilities:

  • The one-to-many approach of delivering a great lecture has its limitations. Embrace the multi-modal approach of teaching-learning by going beyond traditional text books.
  • The linear approach of teach-test-report is gone. Embrace spiral approach to help each student progress via remediation aided by technology.
  • The classroom model of teacher training is gone. Embrace practice and continuous learning. Practise with exemplar plans and get experts to observe and coach you. There is nothing like feedback to grow you!

Building these 3 capabilities will make you better equipped to lead the future. Here's wishing you a 2021 full of new experiences, engaged students and lots of learning!

Best regards, 

Sumeet Yashpal Mehta

Co-founder and CEO

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Sumeet Mehta
Sumeet Mehta

Sumeet Mehta is the Co-founder and CEO of LEAD School. He is committed to making excellent education, accessible and affordable to every child. He loves teaching students math and science while building solutions that create an impact on a large scale.

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