Online learning apps kept schools going as COVID raged. Key observations

Posted by Sai Krishna on Sep 29, 2021 4:46:54 PM
Sai Krishna

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Online learning apps

Advancements in technology have not been able to clear the misperceptions that revolve around online education. Though online learning is not a saviour, if implemented the right way can be a holy grail for every stakeholder. Online learning was embraced by the sector at large when the ongoing COVID-19 declared a pandemic in March 2020. However, it could not be trusted for the long run, given that it just remains a medium to connect teachers with the students and has no proper structure. Continued resistance from school stakeholders remains one of the most important reasons why online learning remains largely untapped.

The unreliability of online learning necessitated the inclusion of online learning apps that are supported by an integrated academic system. Online learning apps redefine the entire dynamic of a school. Bringing a classroom at home was a far-fetched dream that has been made possible with online learning apps. Online learning apps fill the gaps that exist in online learning that makes education effective. Online learning helps students with:

  •   Effective and convenient  learning
  •   Ease of accessing class whenever required
  •   Personalised attention for each child
  •   Better connection between teachers and parents and vice versa
  •   Improved attendance 
  •   Variety of learning styles
  •   The art of learning in collaboration

Bringing a classroom at home has been made possible with technology.  

How does LEAD help teachers to teach better?

LEAD offers the MyClass@Home feature in the Teacher Mobile app where school teachers can conduct effective classes without the hassle of sending links, fixing meetings, etc. Moreover, students have many queries that do not get solved in pre-recorded classes— MyClass@Home enables live classes that help students solve their problems in real-time. Teachers who use the MyClass@Home feature via Teacher’s Mobile app teach in bilingual language so that students can understand a concept better. Also, teachers who use MyClass@Home know their students and vice-versa push students to finish their homework and assignments on time instead of slacking in pre-recorded classes. MyClass@Home offers a human touch while making your child learning at home a smooth sail.

classroom at home

Curriculum and pedagogy at LEAD follows internationally accepted learning standards to prepare children with skills to succeed in life. At LEAD, learning a language becomes easier too, where students get equipped with the knowledge to read and understand any text. The focus then shifts to making students understand the elements of a story or a text, equipping them with skills and strategies that will help them become independent readers, thinkers, and writers.

Online learning apps have been mitigating the learning gaps created with the extended school closures. 2021 looks no different than 2020; however, this year can be made better with LEAD.

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Sai Krishna
Sai Krishna

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