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How the life of a teacher gets redefined in the 21st-century

    January, 21 2021
    How the life of a teacher gets redefined in the 21st-century

    Being a teacher in the world we live in is tough- add the ongoing pandemic, it is...

    January, 21 2021
    Ways to guide your child when they join an online classroom

    Online classrooms have become an innate part of the Indian education system. While,...

    January, 21 2021
    75% of parents want their children to continue online classes: How to cope

    Just when the world heaved a sigh of relief, a ‘highly infectious’ new virus strain...

    January, 20 2021
    Establishing The Basics: Literacy And Numeracy At The Foundation Level

    Listening, speaking, reading, and writing (LSRW skills) are the fundamental skills...

    January, 19 2021
    Virtual classrooms for schools make quality learning accessible

    Virtual classrooms for schools have become a staple for the education sector. They...

    January, 8 2021
    Digital classes in schools, an interesting way to keep learners engaged

    Today’s generation is lucky to have ample resources at their disposal for making their...

    January, 7 2021
    How is blended learning in schools saving the sector from catastrophe?

    As the current crisis doesn’t seem to be making a halt anytime soon, it becomes...

    January, 4 2021
    How does technology play a crucial role in revolutionising education?

    Technology – I have ranted more about it in the last few months than I have in my...

    January, 4 2021
    'LEAD experts provided us with excellent quality learning'

    Change is a natural phenomenon. The things that surround us are continually and slowly...

    January, 2 2021
    What would our students say in 2030 about their schooling?

    Ritika Chopra, in a brilliant piece in Indian Express, tracked India's toppers 20...

    December, 31 2020
    How attendance management for schools keeps operations seamless

    “Change is the only constant”

    December, 31 2020
    Teacher training in India gets a revamp with the inclusion of technology

    I remember how in the session of 2008-09, I and my friends used to queue up outside...