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How the life of a teacher gets redefined in the 21st-century

    December, 31 2020
    How smart classrooms keep students active during remote learning

    This year has been quite distressing for students, parents, children, and school...

    December, 30 2020
    Classroom management system helps children stay focused on studying

    The ongoing pandemic has led to the discontinuation of in-person teaching and...

    December, 30 2020
    ERP software for schools, making school functioning easy and effective

    Technology has played a crucial role in the Indian education system over the last few...

    December, 30 2020
    New Year Message for our school owners

    Dear School Owners and Correspondents, 2020 was a year that tested our resolve and...

    December, 30 2020
    New Year Message for our teachers

    Dear Teachers,

    December, 30 2020
    How teacher training in schools make virtual classrooms fun

    Teachers’ ability to teach remotely needs a combination of technological and...

    December, 30 2020
    Elements of the smart classroom, imperative for school reopening?

    After months of disruption, schools finally have started opening their doors. However,...

    December, 29 2020
    New Methodologies For Effective Learning In K-12 Education

    Learning methodologies and tools in schools have evolved recently. Yet according to...

    December, 29 2020
    How online classroom can change the way you design your school curriculum

    The benefits and novelty of online learning would have remained undiscovered if the...

    December, 28 2020
    'Orientation sessions helped parents understand online classes'

    To say events in the year, 2020, were unanticipated would be an understatement. Not...

    December, 24 2020
    How parents can use upcoming holidays to reduce the learning gap

    This year has been challenging for the education fraternity. Kids especially have...

    December, 23 2020
    How children can use their Christmas holidays productively

    Thank goodness the holidays are here. We have a valid reason to bake cupcakes, pies,...