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    July, 15 2021
    Here’s how YOU can help your child learn to read well even during the pandemic

    School closures, either complete or partial, have impacted the learning growth of...

    July, 15 2021
    10 ways parents can improve their child’s mental health during lockdown

    The feeling of nostalgia has probably amplified after being in a lockdown for over a...

    July, 15 2021
    How is technology helping teachers deliver quality learning to the corners of the country?

    The stand-and-deliver model of teaching and learning took a hit when the pandemic...

    July, 14 2021
    Virtual learning making it challenging to contact teachers? Not anymore

    Remote. In-person. Hybrid. No matter how kids are learning this year, parents and...

    July, 14 2021
    What does it take for an EdTech company to steer schools in small cities and towns toward digital transformation?

    A school is a complex organisational setup involving multiple stakeholders. Ensuring...

    July, 13 2021
    How to nurture creativity in a child during a lockdown?

    In this lockdown, with a lack of places to escape, monotony has become our constant...

    July, 13 2021
    As government policies keep changing, learning can stay unchanged. How?

    In March 2020, schools globally got shut and caused the biggest disruption to the...

    July, 13 2021
    How is technology enabling parents to play a bigger role in their child's education?

    There was nothing wrong with traditional schooling. Till 2020, children had a routine,...

    July, 12 2021
    Heavy learning loss due to school closures? A roadmap to undisrupted learning

    The pandemic has created the biggest disruption in the education sector. UNESCO says,...

    July, 9 2021
    Smart class online- an expansive world of effective learning during school closures

    More than 168 million school children globally missed out on learning in class, as...

    July, 9 2021
    Live virtual classroom, bringing life to learning?

    To mitigate the potentially devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic,...

    July, 5 2021
    Making learning personalised with LEAD School’s game-changing approach

    No matter how well a subject is taught, children go through a forgetting curve and...