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Teacher Led Assessments, a smart feature of smart schools

October, 12 2020
Transforming education in India, one school at a time

According to current numbers, 260 million students go to 1.5 million schools in India....

October, 9 2020
Why do we need to look beyond a basic School ERP System?

Today, deploying an ERP solution across schools has become an inevitable part of the...

October, 9 2020
Life of a 21st-century Educator During COVID-19

As the world is fighting the COVID-19 virus by staying indoors, I have slowly realised...

September, 28 2020
Coding is gaining traction in schools across India. Learn why coding is crucial for young minds

How does the knowledge of coding at an early stage expedite a child’s growth? The...

September, 28 2020
Online learning platforms are changing the education landscape of the country. Are students ready for smart schools?

This year, the delivery model of education that largely remained unchanged for...

September, 28 2020
How to stay more energised and connected with students while teaching online

Teachers often catch their students staring into space in the middle of a class. Just...

September, 28 2020
How smart classes are coping with the hurdles of homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic

To mitigate the spread of the ongoing COVID-19 virus, a global lockdown was announced...

September, 23 2020
Parent-teacher relationship is vital for students' growth. How is online education ensuring this?

How parenting has evolved over the last couple of decades?  I remember the time when...

September, 23 2020
Online classes replace the old learning methods as the current Indian education system takes a leap

Why the Indian Education system needed a revamp? We are right in the middle of a...

September, 23 2020
A journey towards making your school 100% complete

How the definition of a complete school changed post the lockdown?