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Level up with LEAD Plus: Giving APS schools an extra edge to provide the best education to their students

    August, 24 2021
    More than purveyors of knowledge? Tracking evolution of teacher training in India

    Recruiting teachers who can keep up with the fast-paced world remains a pressing...

    August, 24 2021
    Making technology more human. Engaged and enhanced learning at home

    In the context of ongoing stressful times, learning from home seems to be the only way...

    August, 24 2021
    Smart classrooms— bringing school’s efficiency at home

    As school closures impact nearly 80% of the world’s student population, the home is...

    August, 24 2021
    How to stop disruptive behaviour during remote classes—principles of classroom management

    The narrative of how education gets delivered in schools is changing. In-class...

    August, 19 2021
    LEAD MasterClass: Opening up a world of opportunities for students and setting them up for success in life

    LEAD’s real-time online MasterClasses have garnered a huge following among our partner...

    August, 19 2021
    How LEAD Academy’s teacher training equips Indian educators to be 21st century-ready

    The world of education is evolving even faster than ever before, thanks to strides in...

    August, 19 2021
    Learning management system in education: Tracking how it changed the industry

    The education industry is going through a monumental phase. Unfortunately, practices...

    August, 18 2021
    घर बसल्या आपल्या मुलांची वाचनक्षमता कशी वाढवाल?

    महामारीमुळे शाळा पूर्ण अथवा अंशतः बंद असल्याने मुलांच्या शिक्षणावर त्याचा खूप मोठा...

    August, 17 2021
    Teacher training in schools: Starting the new academic session with confidence

    There's a massive difference between being a teacher and being a good one. Teachers...

    August, 17 2021
    Digital classes are here to stay longer than expected—embracing the change

    Many want to understand the long-term implications of the prolonged disruption on...

    August, 16 2021
    4 tips to instill a love for art, history, and culture in your child

    When we were young, studying history seemed so boring. With the fear of exams,...