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Posted by Akhilash Kumar on Oct 1, 2021 12:04:15 PM
Akhilash Kumar

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attendance management for schools

What’s the one thing that became chaotic post-school closures besides the noticeable impact on student learning? It was managing the school’s various functions and ensuring error-free management. School management became chaotic and had no structure when schools were shut indefinitely. Functioning such as management of fees, taking admissions or management of attendance became highly challenging. Although online learning was already tough to navigate, management of school nuanced functions became even more challenging.

School ERP, the holy grail?

School ERP surfaced post lockdown, where educational institutes embraced it for seamless management of fee collection, attendance management etc. Attendance management systems enabled by school ERP automates the daily attendance in schools and helps the stakeholders maintain accurate records and generate summarised student attendance reports. Besides this, conducting online admissions or collecting fees has become extremely simple with ERP. 

Let’s look at the reason why ERP in school is making the industry unstoppable:

  • It reduces workforce cost substantially since every function gets automated
  • Since the school analytics are now at the fingertips of the school owners, prompt decisions can be made
  • Real-time data record helps stakeholders give a clear picture of the school departments 
  • Owners can access the school from anywhere and can run it in online/offline mode whenever required
  • Fee and other payments can be managed with a single click
  • In-time monitoring of students can help identify learning gaps of students and with the collaboration of parents can be Improves student-teacher-parents collaboration

The education industry around the world had to flex and evolve owing to the sudden tectonic shift. Every stakeholder shirked from using technology and making it an innate part of the school structure. However, as they say, adversity is the best teacher; the pandemic taught everyone to move beyond the established stigmas around online learning and technology in education and deploy it not just to save the sector from any further damage but make it an intrinsic part of their infrastructure. Let no more future calamities or crises dictate the fate of the education sector. ERP has been a true saviour of the industry, from the school management system to the student management system.

According to MarketsandMarkets, “The education ERP market in APAC is growing at a significant rate during the COVID-19 pandemic as due to the nationwide lockdowns in countries, institutions are adopting online learning environments more rapidly than ever.”

How is LEAD achieving unfazed school functioning despite school closures?

LEAD Nucleus, our academic ERP, is one of India's 1st Hybrid Mode Integrated Platforms that help schools run seamlessly in just a few clicks. With our advanced Enterprise Resource Planning systems, schools can now toggle between online, offline and hybrid schooling without any delays. Constant updating of information also ensures that no inputs, grades, or data get missed. 


Attendance management for schools became extremely easy with LEAD. Besides this, teachers can easily maintain and access class-wise student lists, assessments, homework, prior submissions and grades. They also have access to teaching resources, lesson plans and supplemental materials. In addition, the ERP uses data inputted by teachers to generate easy-to-analyse reports and trackers that can be used for academic planning, including remedial.

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Akhilash Kumar

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