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School LMS Platform

The inclusion of technology in the education sector provides a smarter way of giving and receiving education. The NEP 2020 paves the way for a comprehensive vision of education, empowering children with requisite skills in the fiercely competitive world. Using technology to provide an excellent learning experience to students is all that NEP aims to achieve. The inclusion of the LMS platform for management and efficient learning in schools helps make learning aligned with NEP 2020.

UNESCO recognises the use of information and communication technology to transform education for the better. The increasing popularity of online learning and smart schools has given a new dimension to the learning and development sector. This has led to the introduction of a learning management system (LMS) in schools. In the present shift to digital media for imparting education, this system supports students and teachers. 

What is LMS? School LMS Platform is software that is responsible for tracking, documenting and delivery of online content. 

It is a performance support tool management application that ensures seamless interaction between the teacher and the students. The benefits of a learning management system go beyond just its literal meaning. As much as we appreciate online learning, it is essential to consider the challenges of managing the data offline.

LMS coming to the rescue boosts the students' creativity and concentration ability that eventually increases their performance. It is a boon for teachers as they can now save time and focus on other activities. An advanced management system facilitates communication with parents and principals and parents and teachers whenever required.  

The advantage of using LMS is that staff members or individuals can access information from any computer. This is beneficial for students as it allows them to take tests and classes sitting at their home. LMS is often used to direct and conduct activities that ask students to collect information and work together.

The Need of LMS in E-Learning

The school LMS platform has made its way by providing unlimited advantages to students and teachers. Web-based LMS can be accessed 

LMS simplifying lives!

LMS is an excellent tool for simplifying and managing the digital aspects of the K–12 classroom. They provide a single portal via which students access learning material, teachers utilise administrative and lesson-building tools, and parents access assignments and grades of the students. 

Some other advantages that make LMS a mandate for e-learning:

  • Content can be organised in one location
  • Unlimited access to e-learning materials
  • Tracking the performance and growth of the students
  • Lowers the cost of learning and development
  • Assimilates social learning experiences

As per the World Economic Forum, technology or Edtech is making education accessible for students. The education sector is currently witnessing a massive change due to the adoption of technology. From management to learning, all tasks are done online via systems or software.

How does LEAD's Learning Management System BENEFIT teachers and students alike?

School LMS PlatformLEAD is an integrated system transforming the learning experience of the students. LEAD's learning management system includes the teacher app that includes detailed lesson plans, audio-visual resources, e-books, and activities. The lessons comprise videos, images and workbooks. LEAD’s LMS streamlines one of the most distressing tasks for teachers, such as conducting assessments, taking attendance, etc. LEAD’s LMS readies teachers to deploy efficient teaching methods to motivate teachers to conduct effective classes.

LEAD ensures perfect sync between teachers, parents, and the school to achieve the child's academic excellence. Parents also have access to videos for further learning, have a home practice plan, and monitor classwork pictures.

LEAD is the ultimate solution to modern-day educational challenges. Unlike traditional schooling, the LMS platform of LEAD makes students independent and self-reliant. 

LEAD is transforming schools in India by helping children become future-ready. To make yours a LEAD powered school: Partner with us today

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