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How can schools be prepared to embrace change even beyond the pandemic?

    December, 28 2020
    'Orientation sessions helped parents understand online classes'

    To say events in the year, 2020, were unanticipated would be an understatement. Not...

    December, 24 2020
    How parents can use upcoming holidays to reduce the learning gap

    This year has been challenging for the education fraternity. Kids especially have...

    December, 23 2020
    How children can use their Christmas holidays productively

    Thank goodness the holidays are here. We have a valid reason to bake cupcakes, pies,...

    December, 22 2020
    How parents ensured quality education for kids during online learning

    If you think it’s just the management among the school community that’s been having a...

    December, 10 2020
    Student management systems, a saviour for kids during online learning

    The hustle and bustle of the playground, the camaraderie of school life, and fun are a...

    December, 8 2020
    How are smart schools making learning at home fun?

    Though schools are shut owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and they are doing their best...

    November, 12 2020
    How are school championships an integral part of learning?

    Education that matters! Hands-on, for nuanced learning

    November, 11 2020
    How class 10 decides the course of your future?

    The numbers: Hold your breath! The admission statistics of some of the world's best...

    October, 31 2020
    The integrated system of education, a new dawn!

    When Wikipedia launched in 2001, nobody would have prophesied it would have the power...

    October, 26 2020
    Making timetable chart for kids and making them stick to it

    As the deadly coronavirus pandemic broke loose on the global populace, the education...

    October, 22 2020
    Impact of Learning Loss: Short Term & Long Term

    India, one of the fastest developing economies in the world, has a vast talent pool in...

    October, 21 2020
    What you must remember while making a timetable for kids?

    Making a timetable for kids is no more about using coloured fancy pens, ticking a few...