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Importance of e-learning in education. Dealing with the crisis.

    February, 8 2021
    How school admission management systems ease operations

    The academic institutes' administrative bodies are facing tremendous pressure to...

    February, 8 2021
    What are the attributes of a best virtual classroom

    While the COVID-19 infection rates are at different points in different countries,...

    January, 21 2021
    Parents want online classes to continue. What can you do?

    Just when the world heaved a sigh of relief, a ‘highly infectious’ new virus strain...

    January, 19 2021
    Virtual classrooms for schools make quality learning accessible

    Virtual classrooms for schools have become a staple for the education sector. They...

    January, 8 2021
    How digital classes in schools keep learners engaged?

    Today’s generation is lucky to have ample resources at their disposal for making their...

    December, 31 2020
    How attendance management for schools keeps operations seamless

    “Change is the only constant”

    December, 31 2020
    Teacher training in India gets a revamp with technology

    I remember how in the session of 2008-09, I and my friends used to queue up outside...

    December, 30 2020
    ERP software for schools, making school functioning easy and effective

    Technology has played a crucial role in the Indian education system over the last few...

    December, 29 2020
    How online classrooms make school curriculum interesting?

    The benefits and novelty of online learning would have remained undiscovered if the...

    December, 23 2020
    How children can use their Christmas holidays productively

    Thank goodness the holidays are here. We have a valid reason to bake cupcakes, pies,...

    December, 22 2020
    How school principals braved the storm.

    When the traditional schooling got interrupted. 

    November, 27 2020
    Why LMS platform is all that your school needs

    Traditional teaching methods got a setback with the extension of school shutdowns....