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Transforming Indian schools with world-class education

    January, 27 2022
    4 benefits of school attendance management system

    Student attendance and staff attendance are very important parts of the day-to-day...

    January, 27 2022
    Online school apps facilitate teacher-parent-student engagement

    The main advantage of having a conventional school education is that it enables a...

    January, 17 2022
    Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Student Management System

    Can you pull up the marks scored by an 8th-grade student from your school in last...

    January, 11 2022
    ICT in Education: How it is Transforming Learning

    Technology has disrupted all areas of our life and education is no different....

    January, 10 2022
    4 must-have tools for every school principal

    What decides the success of a school? Is it just teaching in classrooms? No. The...

    January, 8 2022
    Integrated learning systems help teachers focus on teaching

    With waves of COVID-19 pandemic closing down offline schools, schools are now...

    January, 7 2022
    7 Benefits of Digital Classroom (Over Traditional Classrooms)

    In today’s tech-savvy world, it isn’t uncommon for young kids to have their own...

    January, 2 2022
    How online school classes are more effective in teaching English to students

    In modern times, English has emerged as the de facto language of global communication.

    January, 2 2022
    Student management systems help schools track the progress of their students

    In the last two years, many schools have rapidly moved towards online student...

    January, 1 2022
    Technology needs to complement traditional learning, not try to replace it

    Even before schools were shut down during the pandemic, online learning was pretty...

    December, 27 2021
    A state-of-the-art LMS can transform school education

    Learning Management Systems have revolutionized the way Indian schools think about and...

    December, 14 2021
    How Education Management Information System (EMIS) Can Help Your School Operate Better

    When it comes to managing a school, it’s way harder than it looks. You need to manage...