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Transforming Indian schools with world-class education

    August, 26 2021
    School ERP module: For undisrupted functioning across departments

    In troubled times, technology has become an intrinsic part of the school structure. In...

    August, 26 2021
    Lockdown eating into your school profits? Achieving school admission growth amidst uncertainty

    When COVID-19 hit the planet, experts warned the education sector about its...

    August, 25 2021
    Integrated learning systems allow school owners to run a 100% complete school

    2020 has been distressing for the global populace. The healthcare system saw one of...

    August, 19 2021
    Learning management system in education: Tracking how it changed the industry

    The education industry is going through a monumental phase. Unfortunately, practices...

    August, 17 2021
    Digital classes are here to stay longer than expected—embracing the change

    Many want to understand the long-term implications of the prolonged disruption on...

    July, 30 2021
    The pandemic wanes, but smart learning may stay—key observations

    Children worldwide have had their education disrupted in 2020, and this year seems no...

    July, 28 2021
    School functions at a standstill? Stay undisrupted with online school management software

    Post infinite school closure, managing school has become one of the most tedious...

    July, 27 2021
    Save time & boost school performance with education ERP software

    School closures became a standard tool in the battle against COVID-19. Governments...

    July, 27 2021
    School at your fingertips? Make it happen with school automation system

    The shock of the COVID-19 crisis on education has been unprecedented. It has made the...

    July, 26 2021
    Students always in 'Wanderland'? Here's what you need to do

    Keeping students engaged in a traditional school setup was easy where a few activities...

    July, 23 2021
    Reach high and touch the stars

    Be a river to reach your end.

    July, 23 2021
    Online learning might be the future- how can schools upgrade themselves to stay relevant?

    The constant battle about making technology a part of educational institutes seems to...