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    June, 29 2021
    E స్కూల్ గంట మోగాలి

    బస్సుల్లో తోటి స్నేహితులతో కొందరు,కాలి నడకన అమ్మ , తోబుట్టువులతో కొందరు,ఆటో రిక్షాలో...

    June, 28 2021
    How can we make the Hindi curriculum relevant and exciting?

    After the country's independence, the Central Government, under Article 351 of the...

    June, 26 2021
    How school management app helps owners run a 100% complete school?

    Since March 2020, nothing has been the same, especially in the education industry....

    June, 24 2021
    How to keep the morale of teachers high amidst the sudden technological shift?

    Teaching was a high-stress job even before the ongoing pandemic. The crisis has...

    June, 21 2021
    How is LEAD’s CCS programme making a difference by being NEP 2020 Compliant?

    We aren't born with computational thinking and algorithmic intelligence. Luckily,...

    June, 12 2021
    Smart class school helps in better admission rates even during the lockdown. How?

    “Education alone cannot hope to solve all development challenges, but a humanistic and...

    June, 11 2021
    What is a smart classroom? Why is it a necessity than a luxury?

    The scale of evolution that the education industry has gone through over the last few...

    June, 9 2021
    Effectiveness of school now at the comfort of your house with live classrooms

    Uncertainty lingers as the period of the lockdown keeps getting extended. Parents...

    June, 7 2021
    LEAD in the world's top EdTech firms, GSV EdTech 150

    When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that's when passion is born.

    May, 28 2021
    மாற்றத்தை நோக்கி நகரும் இந்தியாவின் பள்ளிகள்

    இந்தியாவின் கல்விமுறையின் மாற்றம்.

    May, 27 2021
    Is smart classroom concept enough to combat the ongoing crisis?

    “To understand their world we must be willing to immerse ourselves in that world. We...

    May, 26 2021
    ERP in education industry ensures 100% complete school. How?

    The education sector plays a crucial part in enhancing the talent of a child. Schools...