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Importance of e-learning in education. Dealing with the crisis.

    October, 19 2020
    Are online classes enough? Tips for running a 100% complete school

    Earlier, running a school with a few qualified teachers, administration people, a...

    October, 16 2020
    Teacher apps help teachers manage themselves better during COVID

    Relying on technology was not considered a holy grail especially in the education...

    October, 13 2020
    How does ERP Solutions simplify school tasks?

    Not so long ago, schools used to be an entity that was easily managed by a handful of...

    October, 9 2020
    Why do we need to look beyond a basic School ERP System?

    Today, deploying an ERP solution across schools has become an inevitable part of the...

    September, 28 2020
    Smart classes simplify homeschooling during COVID-19

    LEAD School is currently offering LEAD School@Home for all its partner schools...