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    July, 21 2021
    How does online learning help students to collaborate better?

    Collaborative learning in the classroom was an easy and achievable thing. Group...

    July, 20 2021
    A trained teacher is a better teacher. How to upskill for online learning?

    As the narrative of traditional learning leapt with the pandemic and transformed into...

    July, 16 2021
    How can the Assessment feature help teachers on the LEAD Teacher App?

    The adoration of our current generation towards technology is mind-boggling. Most...

    July, 15 2021
    How is technology helping teachers deliver quality learning to the corners of the country?

    The stand-and-deliver model of teaching and learning took a hit when the pandemic...

    June, 7 2021
    Bid adieu to boredom with 5 classroom management techniques

    Managing a class has always been a tedious task for teachers. Conducting a class where...

    May, 24 2021
    Best virtual classroom platform makes school functioning robust

    Harry Wong, an educator, educational speaker and author, once said, "In an effective...

    May, 21 2021
    Top 5 classroom management tips to conduct an effective class

    Are you stressed about the unruly and undisciplined class? Things are going out of...

    May, 19 2021
    There’s always room for more with smart classroom

    A space that includes a writing board, a teacher’s desk, student desks and some...

    May, 10 2021
    Online virtual classrooms for the troubled education sector

    The digital education industry in India has come a long way. There was a time when...

    April, 30 2021
    School attendance management system a requisite or a luxury?

    School attendance management system is a dream come true for many academic institutes....

    April, 28 2021
    Role of a teacher in classroom is evolving. Key findings.

    The information age is one of the various developments that has radically changed...

    April, 16 2021
    Growing importance of e-Learning in the 21st-century

    The concept of e-learning is not new to the education sector. However, the outbreak of...