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Importance of e-learning in education. Dealing with the crisis.

    March, 22 2021
    Relevance of empowering teachers to spark a lasting change

    A complete overhaul of the skill development methodology is vital for the growth of...

    March, 9 2021
    How does a new-age school look like?

    New-age schooling has come far beyond just in-room learning. GenZ needs more than just...

    March, 9 2021
    How to make the most challenging subjects enjoyable?

    Children have subjects that are their favourite, and then there are a few they...

    March, 8 2021
    Emotional Intelligence: A skill to succeed in the future

    Emotional connectivity is a crucial component of effective eLearning design and...

    March, 8 2021
    How to help teenagers cope with stress and anxiety?

    "Raising a teenager is hard… But, being a teenager is hard, too, which is why our kids...

    February, 18 2021
    How Indian schools can think beyond the textbooks?

    When we talk about learning, the image that jumps to our minds is often that of the...

    February, 17 2021
    How can teachers prepare themselves better for online classes

    Conducting classes online and ensuring the class has your full attention is not easy.  

    February, 8 2021
    Elements of smart class that change a school’s dynamics

    Learning is not about how much one can wedge up. Instead, it is about the knowledge...

    February, 8 2021
    What are the attributes of a best virtual classroom

    While the COVID-19 infection rates are at different points in different countries,...

    January, 21 2021
    How the life of a teacher gets redefined in the 21st-century

    Being a teacher in the world we live in is tough- add the ongoing pandemic, it is...

    January, 4 2021
    How does technology play a crucial role in revolutionising education?

    Technology – I have ranted more about it in the last few months than I have in my...

    January, 4 2021
    'LEAD experts provided us with excellent quality learning'

    Change is a natural phenomenon. The things that surround us are continually and slowly...