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    March, 8 2021
    Emotional Intelligence: A skill to succeed in the future

    Emotional connectivity is a crucial component of effective eLearning design and...

    February, 17 2021
    How can teachers prepare themselves better for online classes

    Conducting classes online and ensuring the class has your full attention is not easy.  

    January, 21 2021
    How the life of a teacher gets redefined in the 21st-century

    Being a teacher in the world we live in is tough- add the ongoing pandemic, it is...

    January, 20 2021
    Establishing The Basics: Literacy And Numeracy At The Foundation Level

    Listening, speaking, reading, and writing (LSRW skills) are the fundamental skills...

    January, 4 2021
    'LEAD experts provided us with excellent quality learning'

    Change is a natural phenomenon. The things that surround us are continually and slowly...

    December, 31 2020
    How attendance management for schools keeps operations seamless

    “Change is the only constant”

    December, 31 2020
    Teacher training in India gets a revamp with technology

    I remember how in the session of 2008-09, I and my friends used to queue up outside...

    December, 30 2020
    New Year Message for our teachers

    Dear Teachers,

    December, 30 2020
    How teacher training in schools make virtual classrooms fun

    Teachers’ ability to teach remotely needs a combination of technological and...

    December, 29 2020
    New Methodologies For Effective Learning In K-12 Education

    Learning methodologies and tools in schools have evolved recently. Yet according to...

    December, 29 2020
    How online classrooms make school curriculum interesting?

    The benefits and novelty of online learning would have remained undiscovered if the...

    December, 22 2020
    How school teachers combated the challenges of online learning

    Causing more fear and social disruption than any other outbreak of our time, COVID-19...