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    July, 21 2021
    Managed by LEAD: Transform your School through strong school administration and management support

    We, as LEAD School, partner with over 2000 Affordable Private schools to implement our...

    July, 14 2021
    What does it take for an EdTech company to steer schools in small cities and towns toward digital transformation?

    A school is a complex organisational setup involving multiple stakeholders. Ensuring...

    July, 5 2021
    Making learning personalised with LEAD School’s game-changing approach

    No matter how well a subject is taught, children go through a forgetting curve and...

    July, 1 2021
    How LEAD School is bringing all stakeholders together to create a welcoming virtual classroom for pre-primary children?

    The lockdown and the subsequent school closures have led to the neglect of the...

    June, 17 2021
    How can schools be prepared to embrace change even beyond the pandemic?

    The effect of the pandemic on the education sector is going to persist even beyond the...

    June, 3 2021
    Stop Teaching Language as a Subject: Find Out Why

    Can language be taught as just another subject? What is the flaw in this style?...

    May, 27 2021
    Innovation begins at home: How LEAD School’s Own Institutions have fuelled a re-thinking in education

    The experiences and experiments at LEAD School’s own educational institutions have...

    May, 18 2021
    Transforming Learning, Transforming Schools

    Read Part-2 of this mini-series by our Co-founder and COO, Smita Deorah : Curriculum...

    May, 5 2021
    Building an organisation that solves India’s education gaps

    Much of the education market still remains untapped in India, and bringing changes in...

    May, 5 2021
    Taking technology to hinterlands: Transforming education

    Despite the sheer number of people living in Tier III and IV towns and rural areas,...

    April, 28 2021
    LEARN well, THINK deep, DO good, BE leaders: How education can prepare our children for life

    Rote learning and theoretical knowledge aren’t enough to prepare our children for the...

    April, 20 2021
    Curriculum and Technology Innovations at LEAD

    Read Part-1 of this mini-series by our co-founder and COO, Smita Deorah : Early...