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Level up with LEAD Plus: Giving APS schools an extra edge to provide the best education to their students

    March, 17 2021
    Why do some schools fail to meet the needs of their students?

    There is comfort in the status quo. The comfort of familiarity and the ease of habit -...

    March, 16 2021
    Why schools have to be the engines of change?

    In this age of hybrid education and technological advancement, schools are perhaps one...

    March, 12 2021
    How integrated learning approach trains students for life?

    A concerted outreach effort by schools to let parents know about the need for holistic...

    March, 9 2021
    Creating a level-playing field for students in small-town

    Entrepreneurship is often about obsessing over a problem, imagining a world with the...

    March, 1 2021
    Technology, a key to unleash education's endless potential

    Granular data collection, the sharing of this data between all those involved in the...

    February, 18 2021
    How Indian schools can think beyond the textbooks?

    When we talk about learning, the image that jumps to our minds is often that of the...

    February, 16 2021
    Schools need an integrated system to deliver results. Why?

    The pandemic has made every stakeholder in education start thinking about technology...

    February, 9 2021
    Reimagining English to meet challenges of hybrid education

    Recent events have accelerated the sea change education in India has been witnessing....