Technology needs to complement traditional learning, not try to replace it

Posted by Joel Vas on Jan 1, 2022 8:05:58 PM
Joel Vas

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Technology needs to complement traditional learning, not try to replace it

Even before schools were shut down during the pandemic, online learning was pretty common in India. However, it was mostly used as a supplementary learning resource. To ensure learning continues, schools were forced to adapt to the online mode in a very short span. Not everyone partnered with end-to-end online school management platforms like LEAD but most schools adopted some or the other form of online methods in their schools.


Now as schools reopen, all educational institutes are thinking and planning for their investment decisions for the new academic year. At this time, it is imperative to take a step back and think about where these investments should be. At the bottom line, every effort has to be geared towards creating a better schooling system for every child.


Let us see a few key points that demonstrate how technology can enhance the learning experience at your school.

1. Technology can enable tracking of learning progress and thus improve learning outcomes

In conventional schooling, tracking students’ progress is not easy. As a result, teachers and parents often get to know a student’s strengths and weaknesses only when some kind of exams are conducted. Online school management systems allow tracking of students' progress in a real-time manner. This enables teachers to provide remedial sessions to students before it’s too late. Through regular practice and quizzes, teachers are also able to identify the exact areas where a student is strong and where they need to put more attention. Parents can also track their children’s progress and can be involved in the education of their children with the right information. This is an example of how technology doesn’t replace but enhances the classroom learning experience of students.


2. Technology help students adapt to the future of work

Countries all over the world are putting a lot of effort into becoming technologically advanced, especially countries like India and China, which have a huge young population. To benefit from this human capital, it’s vital to equip them with 21st-century skills like coding. Nowadays, a plethora of ed-tech companies are offering coding classes to fulfill this demand. Many schools are still lagging behind in incorporating such subjects into their school curriculum. As a result, parents need to go around searching for alternative sources of learning for their children. With online school management platforms like LEAD, students can get the latest technology-related curriculum right in their classrooms.

Moreover, with the use of smart tools such as the Student App, various technology-intensive platforms used while learning coding, and others, students are getting ready for the future of work which requires one to be highly proficient in the usage of IT tools.


3. Technology helps in teacher training and development

One of the most important school selection criteria for parents is the quality of teachers their child will get. While not every school can afford to hire the best talent in the industry, they can still ensure that their current teachers are professionally trained and equipped with the best learning resources. Conducting teacher training individually can be very complex and expensive. This is because you will need to find the best trainers, arrange for the logistics and yet cannot be sure of the quality of training. Also, doing this regularly can be a big hassle. Many online school management systems like LEAD offer professional teacher training as a part of their service that makes the job easy for you. You can rest assured as they employ experts to manage it all for you.

School owners must invest strategically in technology solutions to enhance the learning, teaching, and management experience at their schools. LEAD helps you in the continuous growth of your school by providing your school with the best school edtech solutions.

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