The role of technology in education

Posted by Manikandan Kumaravel on Oct 30, 2020 5:44:03 PM
Manikandan Kumaravel

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Role of technology in education

The advent of technology has been a boon and a curse. While many in our country are still apprehensive about blending education with technology, we have little choice but to pace with modern advancements for fear of being left behind. We can't deny scientific knowledge has gotten people closer, irrespective of time, place and a person's age. In the pedagogical field, too, transfer of information happened effectively because machines have now become our companions.

In LEAD School, we are attempting to bridge the gap between teachers and their students. The resources and excellence kit, provided to teachers, help them in improving their teaching techniques significantly. While personalising and giving blended-learning experience to each student, LEAD wants to take away roadblocks faced by these children. It has been a success because of using technology.

Technology in Education with LEADCurrently, the conversation has shifted from, if we should use machinery in learning to how machines can ensure that every student has access to a high-quality academic experience. To ensure that ed-tech is nurturing young minds, LEAD School designs programs in a way that'll accelerate, amplify and expand the impact of teaching practices. This rich amalgamation of technology and human resources was witnessed when our country went under lockdown and schools had to operate online.

Being a KAM at LEAD School, I had the experience of presenting and positioning our company's mission in front of the teaching faculty. I could sense the energy and anticipation of students and teachers to learn. They realised our product is eliminating several drawbacks found in the traditional ways of learning and teaching. These schools saw that hybrid learning method empowered, not only teachers but also pupils to get a better hang of things. It prepared them for a future, that is going to be filled with technological trends assimilated in learning systems.

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Manikandan Kumaravel

Manikandan Kumaravel, being enthusiastic about education, is a KAM at LEAD School. He frequently travels across the southern region of India to handle meetings between teachers and students. He also conducts activities to create awareness about the role of technology in education.