Virtual classrooms to the rescue as children’s grades plummet during online learning

Posted by Sai Krishna on Oct 4, 2021 12:06:02 PM
Sai Krishna

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Virtual classrooms

Children’s excellent performance has always been parents’ top agenda, especially whenever they decide on the school for their child. Any school that promises exceptional results will catch parents’ eyes. But when the pandemic struck, even the best performing schools couldn’t show results owing to an indefinite shutdown and haphazard management. In these uncertain times, achieving excellent education along with exceptional results became challenging.

Where do parents turn to?

Though schools adopted online learning at large, it remained ineffective in achieving larger goals, such as enhanced learning, quality learning, etc. In the absence of any structure, learning remained substandard where students barely made it through their grades. However, for a highly competitive future, getting through academic sessions is not enough. Virtual classrooms, when combined with the right technology, can make all the difference. For example, an integrated academic system for school makes a school smart that provides unhampered quality learning at all times. With the help of these virtual classrooms, students get empowered with skills that they remain devoid of in a typical online class setup. Let’s see some of its benefits:

  •   Students get unlimited resources to learn from. They can go beyond textbooks and make learning engaging
  • Teachers get appropriate tools to make their classes enjoyable. Students do not have to indulge in a monotonous schedule
  •   Parents can stay in touch with teachers more than usual and fix learning gaps as and when required with in-time monitoring
  •   Students can access missed lectures and do not have to worry about their studies getting suffered
  •   Smart classrooms provide a hybrid model that is essential in the times we are living in. It provides the least disruption in a student academic session

Virtual classroom online that’s supported by an integrated academic system has been a gamechanger of the industry—not only does it provide a steady and meaningful curriculum, but it also helps teachers deliver practical lessons even in a remote setup. In addition, the chaos that prevailed post-school closures has now subsided with virtual classrooms online.

LEAD’s integrated academic system is designed to make learning at home fun and effective

Every child’s approach to learning is unique. Hence, at LEAD, concepts are taught using multiple approaches. This helps engage all students and creates better connections as different students' senses are used to consume and process information. The LEAD Curriculum is integrated, student-focused, application-based, and multi-modal to help children become more confident and future-ready.

virtual classroom online

LEAD’s CCS program is a new curriculum subject that enables each student to use various software, think logically & computationally, and build apps, games and websites. In addition, the child benefits from unmatched exposure opportunities at the national level via LEAD’s vast network of 2000+ schools.

The LEAD Student App is a one-stop learning tool for children of all ages. They can easily access live and recorded classes, submit assessments and clarify doubts in just a few clicks. The App has been designed in a child-friendly way, and all features are easily discoverable. 

  •   Live and Recorded Classes
  •   Complete Quizzes
  •   Submit assignments
  •   Ask doubts

The LEAD App has a unique section specially designed for parents. An essential aspect of learning is checking for understanding and tracking progress. Parents can easily monitor their child’s attendance, check report cards, and receive important feedback and notifications on the LEAD Student App. Parents play an essential role in a child’s education, and LEAD wishes to involve them in every way possible. New features, competitions and school notices are all shared on the App for parents to check and acknowledge. 

LEAD is helping children become future-ready. To enrol your child in a LEAD Powered School: Fill the admission form now

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