What is a virtual classroom? How does it ensure undisrupted learning?

Posted by Mohanraj Rajapandi on Oct 28, 2021 11:36:43 AM
Mohanraj Rajapandi

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What is a virtual classroom?

COVID-19 led schools and other educational institutions to initiate virtual classrooms thinking it to be a temporary relief. But as the COVID-19 numbers kept rising, online learning became the new normal.

After one and a half years of the lockdown, parents remain uncertain about sending their children to school. As we move forward, the future seems more and more uncertain with various natural disasters and unpredicted pandemics, making us realise that the digitalisation of education is the only way forward. Incorporating technology in our education structure helps achieve holistic education and eases the school management system through various software. School ERP software is one such education technology solution that enables schools to run their daily administrative work smoothly. The integration of technology in school campuses had created a common platform for all the stakeholders and fashioned an advanced approach for running schools.

What is a virtual classroom, and how is it paving a new way to education?

Online learning keeps the students motivated and helps schools with world-class education even when the world was disrupted. However, to be competent enough to avail of its potential entirely, one must understand what a virtual classroom is? In simple words, a virtual classroom is an online platform where teachers and students engage with each other for learning purposes. These classes are conducted via video conferencing, which allows interactive and undisrupted learning for students. Along with various features like accessibility to online study materials, these classes occur in real-time, resembling the physical classroom experience. Therefore, virtual classrooms have been able to impart knowledge with the same credibility as regular classrooms. However, similar to physical classrooms, these classrooms also need an adequate support system for maintaining a smooth process. The school ERP software not only helps in managing these classrooms online but offline as well. Schools empowered with this software have shifted from traditional data management to an advanced one comfortably.

How is LEAD ensuring undisrupted learning for children at all times?

LEAD offers ed-tech solutions to schools to provide excellent and affordable education to all its students. With LEAD Student App, students attend interactive classes with teachers and enable parents to be equal participants in their child’s learning curve. However, the parents remain concerned with the online learning process as most parents are not technologically skilled enough to participate. LEAD provides brilliant assistance to parents to keep up with their ward’s school life. The app enables smooth connectivity between teachers and parents, which helps them to remain updated at all times. LEAD’s PWF, i.e. practice with friends feature, allows students to stay competitive and persuasive to achieve better goals. It constructs a fun and productive classroom experience for students, where they learn interpersonal skills and collaborative learning.

Schools ERP software

LEAD Student App helps students practice with their friends, complete their homework, check timetables and important notices, and do exceptionally well. Students can also test their understanding of a concept or a chapter through quizzes on the app. In particular, the LEAD Student App provides an excellent place for tests and assignments. In addition, teachers can conduct both objective and subjective assessments through the app. In addition, LEAD MasterClass helps students learn about various professions from well-known industry experts and trainers.

LEAD’s new-age ed-tech solutions encourage students to do better even at the time of disruptions. With LEAD, a student can do better throughout the academic year without any hurdle.

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