Why does the education space need to revolutionise?

Posted by M. Mariappan on Nov 18, 2020 2:32:56 PM
M. Mariappan

Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.

The etymology of 'Education' is derived from Latin words Educare, Educere, and Educated, which mean to 'nourish, to bring forth and to draw out'. Swearing by this, it is the ultimate responsibility of every nation to provide proper guidance to its young and impressionable minds. 

For decades, schools have implemented conventional teaching practices for educating children. Unfortunately, not all of these methodologies are sufficient as they emphasise on students learning by memorising rather than genuinely understanding ciritcal concepts.  Students, who haven't necessarily grasped an idea but have studied their curriculum byheart, are rewarded with good grades. Such a lopsided approach has dwarfed not only the individuals' personal growth but also the world at large. Panic and turmoil induced by the COVID-19 pandemic have made it evident that these old-school techniques have impeded children's learning. To prevent this damage from continuing, every school needs to adopt the following philosophy as its pillars:

1. Every child is unique.

2. Empowering children with skills and values 

3. Adopting an integrated approach in teaching-learning


Focus should be on real understanding of a concept, as 'rote learning' deters the natural blossoming of a child's personality. This modern method of learning is applied at Thangam Mount Litera Zee School, an institute futuristic in its vision. We want to empower our students to excel in soft and technical skills, creativity, imagination & innovation since the outside world will demand such skills from them.

With LEAD School's curriculum, there is perceptible progression in domains such as thinking, creativity, originality, socio-emotional skills and LSRW-listening, speaking, reading and writing. Doubtlessly, the children passing out from an esteemed institute like ours will emerge as responsible and world-class leaders in the future. 

To know more about LEAD School's approach, check out our educators' page here

About the Author
M. Mariappan

M. Mariappan is the principal Thangam Mount Litera Zee School. He believes that every educated young mind has the strength to transform our nation. In his esteemed institute, he seeks to revolutionise the old school methods of learning and help his students learn by understanding concepts.